Saps unite

Ok, so I never really realized that my whole family is just a bunch of saps until Sunday. We all went to this lovely dinner theater for a darling Christmas musical. Usually this theater has a Christmas revue which is spine-tinglingly good, but this year, for the first time in a long time, the program is a simple musical instead. It was quite good, a bit slow to start out, but there were some real show stopping numbers in the second half. Anyhow, the musical was done and 'Santa' told us to sit back down (always standing ovations because the of's wanna get the hell out as soon as possible, I swear) as there was a bit more to the presentation.

So when the guy comes out who yearly does the narrating of the whole revue, most notably the actual Christmas Story, we all get quite excited. He does this beautiful job telling the story of Christmas, better even than last year. And then this adorable girl comes out (in the play she was limited to the part of stenographer) and starts singing "Oh Holy Night." Perfectly. Then another girl's out there, this one the lead, singing the next verse, perfectly. Then the lead male, again perfection. Then the secretary and the publicist split a verse. And for the last three verses everyone is out there. Singing so so perfectly.

When the lights came up I noticed right away that Gma and Mums were crying. Then I see that Gpa was crying. Then Daddy. And of course I'd started bawling like a baby pretty much as soon as the first girl opened her mouth. Of course when I look at the people around us, not a single person had shed a single tear.

On a slightly more silly note, the Judge looked eerily like David Hewlitt. And the entire time I was watching, I couldn't help thinking the lead dancer looked like Alan Rickmann. Even though I'm sure he didn't. Probably.
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So ever since reading whizzy's Fade to Black I've had this niggling thing in the back of my mind. This feeling. Of Cary Grant having lived in a place called Boy's Town (actually Bachelor Hall) with someone like Gary Cooper (actually Randolph Scott). And even back when I first heard about that I thought it was really quite gay. Terribly gay even. And this was back when I was young and innocent. So now I have seen the pictures and read things slanted to each side. And if I'm being perfectly realistic I will admit that the likelihood of Cary Grant and Randolph Scott actually being involved in a crazy deep gay relationship that spanned twelve years is closer to preposterous than believable. But, you see, fanfiction is here for reasons. And I for one believe that one of those reasons is for people to get rid of foolish impulses. So now I'm left with some sort of half-formed impulse about this whole situation. Because there's no fic out there. Which means I'm about to either drive over to one of their descendants' houses and beg for any information whatsoever, or I'm about to write a thoroughly researched story about Cary Grant's big gay love for Randolph Scott. And vice versa. With pictures. And possibly music. This could be a very bad thing.

A fannish day



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And now I’m spent. Also, I’m really pissy right now because two people have taken my seat at my café already. I mean the first guy leaves and the second guy just leaps to take his seat. And I’m like What’cha doing asshole? but he’s this dude who’s like my grandpa’s age so I can’t scare him away. And I think he’s another regular here who sits and reads the entire paper here every day. So I’m going to be sitting in this wrong seat for the foreseeable future. (And since this seat isn’t actually against the wall that means no reading fanfic, and probably no writing fanfic. Damnit!)



Oh, and then I should say I’ve mainly been living on caffeine the past week or so…I’m talking a maximum of four hours of sleep a night. So last night I decide to have a Mellow Yellow at nine pm and so when I go to bed I can’t fall asleep. My mind’s racing at about a thousand miles an hour and I can’t even start to calm it down. Then suddenly I’m not there. I see a guy sitting at a coffee bar facing away from me. He’s halfway across the room, then suddenly I’m there and I tap him on the shoulder. And of course, when he turns around he has a black void where his face should be. And then suddenly I’m back in my bed and my heart is racing and I’m like freaking the fuck out. And of course I fall right asleep after that. But anyhow, I totally blame Nine for that, cause I don’t like scary movies and don’t watch scary movies


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and we hit more...

Okay, so I am presently watching Vampire Diaries...attrocious btw, but am I the only one feeling the incestuous Damon/'Stefan vibe?  This show is going to be bad, but I can see a strong fangirl following.  And some really, really really hot fic.  Oh, and if they call the ring the gem of Amara...I'll laugh my ass off.


Kay, so...I had a day mostly free and spent a good portion of it watching some long-ago season of Top Chef.  And the sick thing (and I mean sick) is that I now want to write Top Chef RPS.  WTF?  I mean seriously.  I'm starting to think I'm scarred for life.  Sometimes I even want to write about guys at work and their hopeless romances.  Am I totally crazy?  Have I finally hit that point in life where I have to admit I'm the old-maid cat lady who keeps pictures of cakes?

In other news I'm apparently sick as a dog for some unexplained reason (and much as I love being the human version of salad shooter, I really wish it would stop).  Someone stole my clothing at work which is bad, but to make it worse no one but a couple of the guys is remotely my size, and to make it worse yet, the clothing consisted of a low-cut purple t-shirt and a pair of magenta--magenta--skinny jeans.  Not even a transvestite would stoop to that.  Like I asked my bf Dre "who would need a pair of magenta pants?" and like she responded, "apparently, you."  (And now you see why she's my best friend.  Funny, funny girl.)

And now I'm going to spend the next couple hours attempting not to puke.  Cross your fingers for me, kay?

Why I'm an idiot...

Okay so some of my LJ friends have been mentioning Leverage as a really good show for a while now.  And I've been ignoring them.  Because I was assuming they were just pleased to see Christian Kane any way they could.  Even if the show was shit.  What a mistake!!!  Seriously, Leverage rocks.  And is it just me, or is there some serious potential for UST between Eliot and Nate (ok, I've only watched four epi's so far so don't lambaste me if I'm totally off-base).

In other news, I managed to get out of a party without really trying, my grandpa up and rented a house on my favorite river for canoeing, and Roger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella is so corny it's really, really good.

Dark Shadows, omg, and a theory

Ok, I know that Dark Shadows is very possibly the corniest television show known to mankind, but, but, it's so campy...soo good in its totally unbelievable special-effects and completely unremarkable acting skills.  And now Johnny Depp is going to be in a movie version?  Is there anyone in the world as excited as I am right now?  I think the only thing that could make my day better would be hearing James Marsters and David Boreanaz were joining the production as well.  The cast would then be complete (and very hot)...oh, who am I kidding?  Seeing the three of them together in anything...<is speechless>.

On a completely different and yet slightly tangential note, I have a new theory.  Lately I've been pondering why so few SciFi actors are able to escape the drag of SciFi.  And wondering why the ones who escape its pull are able to.  So far as I can tell, the ability to get a good role in a new show doesn't stem from how good of actors they were or how very pretty they were, or even how well they were connected, but on their general affability and pleasantness to be around. 

Let's just take BTVS as our example:  now who has been the most successful since the show?  Arguably you could say David Boreanaz has done better for himself than anyone else, which is rather ironic.  If you are a fan of DB or BTVS, you'll know that David was no actor before joining the cast of Buffy season one.  And if you watch the same season you'll see a definite inferiority in his acting ability when compared with everyone else.  In the early days of watching I was always amazed Joss kept him on.  I figured, you can find a good-looking guy anywhere.  Why not kill him off and bring someone else on instead.  But if you listen to commentaries you often hear Joss refer to him as having a great sense of humor and being a generally fun guy.  And in the end it worked out for Joss.  By the middle of season two he was a decent actor, by the end of it a really good one, and the decision to give him his own show, while shocking at the time, is perfectly understandable in retrospect.  By the middle of ATS, DB had completely come to his own, and now you can understand why he's not only a co-star, but a successful co-star on Bones.

Another strong success is Alyson Hannigan.  She obviously acted before Buffy, but shall we say that Buffy was her first really adult role?  Anyhow, once again, we're always told in commentaries not only how fantastic of an actress Alyson is, but also how terribly sweet she is.  Although I believe she is terribly cute, though, I wouldn't call her hot.  But despite the fact she's not a classic beauty, or perhaps because of it, she's excelled in both movies and television since the end of BTVS.

Anthony Stewart Head is another name to drop here, although he has been a very good actor all his life.  Still better actors than he have been type-cast to infinity after leaving a SciFi role, even if they had been in another genre before.  But now Tony Head seems to be able to choose whatever role he wants.  And why not?  In the commentaries he was always held in highest esteem.

Now let's look at our problem cases.  First off, Sarah Michelle Geller.  She's obviously a fantastic actress, yes some of her idioms bother me at times, but that is true of all actors.  Why then is it that she has been in nothing but SciFi, dark humor, and (worst of all) B-horror movies since leaving the show?  It's my belief that it's all due to the last few years of the show.  I'm not sure if SMG suddenly developed big-head syndrome, or if she just suddenly grew sick of the people she was with, but from everything you hear, for the last two years at least, she was a bit of a horror to work with.  In the early days everyone had got together and spent time with each other outside of work, but at the end she was no longer willing to even do interviews.  She had fights with several co-workers and the whole will she agree to an eighth season? will she be a part of ATS season 5? was more immature than anything else.  My guess is, if she ever gets a show again it will be SciFi, and not a lead.

And then we hit Emma Caulfield who there is no word of since the show's demise.  I think she was a very talented actress, but the fight between she and SMG made her untouchable for almost any role.  Likewise James Marsters, although he has gotten a few bit-roles since.  He was a better actor, though, and the fact that he isn't in a show now is almost definitely due to his disagreements with SMG.

So my big conclusion is:  don't fight on set if you're in a science fiction television show, or you'll get no more good roles for the rest of your life.


There are very few times in which I feel a media item is entirely without worth, but let me say here that if Persuasion of 2007 is worth anything, it is merely useful as an illustration of how ill cast a set of actors can be.  Although I do not think the 1995 version the best of works (nay there is some writing that is nigh on to abominable) I do think it is the best casting ever done for classic fiction if not for a reworking of a work of fiction in general.  On the complete opposite, though, the actors for the 2007 version have little to nothing to recomend them to us as viewers.

The 1995 version has fault enough, I grant you, but not in acting.  If only carried by Amanda Root alone I would still be pleased for her sake, but there are so many background actors so integral to the scene, to every action performed by Anne, that it is very nearly impossible to view each scene with equanimity.  I declare, nay, I swear, that I have not seen a better done version of one of Miss Austen's works, not even the 1995 Pride and Prejudice equals it, although it is very close, as is the same year's Sense and Sensibility.

Also, I remember a 90's-esque version of Mansfield Park, but cannot seem to find it anywhere, what's up with that.

I need to go back to the 2007 version of Persuasion.  The thing is, I have never seen such awkward, such inappropriate casting in my whole life.  I get that not everyone is available when they are wanted, but not a single person suited, whereas every single person suited in the 1995 version to some extent or another.  I have no problems with lack of perfection.

Finally allow me to mention how very happy we should be that so many people have favored us in such a way as to make such wonderful productions available to us.  To relationships I am perfectly indifferent, but to a really fantastic book, or a nearly as well done remake of a novel, I have every expectation of future happiness.

(Was I drunk when I wrote this?  Very.  Do I still agree with nearly every word the next morning?  Definitely!)


happy, happy, joy, joy

Ok, so I posted some fic at SOG last year and as I'm one of those really nervous really embarrassed type people I didn't check the comments until now, and can I just say I am in awe.  Everyone is soooo nice.  I didn't finish the first story for the obvious reason that it was my first read story and as such pure crap.  The second story's ending got eaten by my computer, and now I'm inspired to start fresh.  Seriously.  I heart each and every one of you and had to stop part way through reading the comments just so I wouldn't get too emotional.

go anarchy

Yes, I know it would never work, but after finding lim's vids no longer appear to even be on youtube anymore (can we say yet another lawsuit?) I'm finding myself decidedly in favor of going for it.  Obviously this is some crazy thing where either the musicians or producers of sga are suing the pants off of everyone in general.  I really ought to make sure the fanfic sites are up.  The day they take those away from us I will wage war. 

On a more positive--and in a sense parallel--note I have discovered seriously the best red wine I have ever tried (and I've tried many).  And a really fantastic new beer (vanilla stout of all things).  Alcohol makes the world go round.  Or at least the people.

Okay, so I'm really getting more and more pissed off over this whole thing.  I would think that lim had just suddenly become very private, but other vids are missing as well.  The thing that really bothers me is that lim's vids are actually better--more resonant, deeper, more real--than the show itself.  Honestly I would not only call lim an artist of the first class, I would also pay to see one of her vids.

I'm going to have to go through and find out what else is missing, because I love being masochistic.